Sunday, April 1, 2012


Hello All,

     Sorry I was called away just as I was going to post these card, just getting back to it - hope you enjoy them.
I am not going to go into detail on each one - but if you have questions please feel free to contact me. Most all the supplies used came from Joan's. Enjoy:
 This is the box I had to make to hold the following card (My rose was just to big but thanks to Selma and Joan I knew how to create it own home. Oh the colors are really pink and yellow with green silk ribbon.

 This is the rose card -At Joan's Class -we created an adorable box using these same dies - I just used the opportunity to make another rose and made this card.
 Side view
 Inside -loved the pink bunnies bouncing through the grass.
 2nd Card I did again using a wonderful ideal taught by a really cool lady at Joan's -Peal and glitter type idea and I love it - so very easy to do and so beautiful.
 inside view-
 3rd Card: Loved the basket Dies and so I had a field day punching all the jelly beans for this great little bunny. Didn't show inside of this card (Duh - but I stamped the Happy Easter and added a very small bag of real jelly-beans. To cute for kids.

 4th Card: Again taken from what I learned at Joan's -can you tell we had a full day of learning - I so totally love her teaching and her guest teachers I learn so much and then build on it for what I do.
The inside of the last card #4 - I made it a pop up card with the golden egg in a grassy area - Pop up card are always fun and with TH die cuts they are so easy.
Well hope by now you know I love making flowers - and I hope you liked the cards - I will have to see what the recipients have to say.
Have a great Easter 

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Nan G said...

Wow cool cards! Love love your rose!!