Wednesday, October 19, 2011

White Elephant

Wow, can't believe it has been so long, I have been really busy and well time flies.
I have been getting ready for my weekend away and so excited about it.  I am going to
a scrapbook retreat and there is going to be a "white elephant" thing (which I have never done before)
but thought I would join in so I made this box for my present and thought I would share the box:

 Found a small box around the house and used white bristol board to cover it -I wrapped
the bottom sides with a wide ribbon (brown leaves) stickled  around the top edges with copper color
added a button to use as a knob to lift lid. As you can see I love layers and the little elephant has plenty.
I used a flourish stamp and used more stickles. Little different, but it was fun and hopefully the person who
winds up with it can use it for something. I also stamped a line of elephants on all the flaps. To cute!

Yes the "White Elephant" is embossed with Platinum embossing powder and glittered for brightness,
and SHE has sexy pink toes and blue eyes. LOL. Sorry I can't share the's a secret.

If the projects I work on this weekend turn out I will share them when I get home. Have a great weekend
and enjoy the weather.

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